Film 3
Sparekassen Thy
"Olsen Gang´s Jutland"

Hanstholm / Vigsø

Thisted Kommune
Thisted Turistforening
KINO 1-2-3
Nordisk Film
Hotel Hanstholm

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- 11th October 1968 - The 1st film - "The Olsen Gang" has premiere.
- 3rd October 1969 - The 2nd film - "The Olsen Gang in a Fix" has premiere.

- 18th May 1971 -
In Thy (Jutland) begins filming of the 3rd film - "The Olsen Gang in Jutland". (picture: Thisted Dagblad, 19th May 1971)

- 14th June 1971 -
The cinema 1-2-3 use the popular filming of the new Olsen Gang film. The cinema shows the first film - "The Olsen Gang" again. At the re-premiere 8 o'clock (p.m.) there is a visit by two actors Ove Sprogøe (Egon Olsen) and Morten Grunwald (Benny). (picture: Thisted Dagblad, 14th June 1971)

- 23rd June 1971 - The last filming take place in Hanstholm and Vigsø.

- 8th October 1971 - The film "The Olsen Gang in Jutland" has premiere in Copenhagen.

- 11th October 1971 -
In the cinema 1-2-3 Thisted has the 3rd film - "The Olsen Gang in Jutland" premiere - accurate 7 o'clock (p.m.). After the premiere the film is showing every day at 7 and 9 o'clock (p.m.). (picture: Thisted Dagblad, 11th October 1971)

- 15th October 1971 - Because of the big storming there are two additional dates in the cinema 1-2-3.

- 30th June 1972 - The 3rd film has premiere in the GDR (East Germany).

- about 1990 -
The cinema 1-2-3 Thisted draw a Olsen Gang silhouette outside of the building.

- July 2004 -
The Olsenbandenfanclub Deutschland went for two weeks to Jutland to search for film locations and information about the 3rd film. (travel book - in German)

- End of 2004 - The cinema 1-2-3 is expanding and selling the part of the building with the silhouette. The silhouette is gone. Before it was a magnet for fans of the Olsen Gang.

- May 2005 - The Olsenbandenfanclub Deutschland contact the city Thisted.

- August 2005 - The tourist office Thisted and the cinema 1-2-3 Thisted decide the comeback of the silhouette in summer 2006 with an Olsen Gang event and ask the Olsenbandenfanclub Deutschland for helping.

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