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"Olsen Gang´s Jutland"

Hanstholm / Vigsø

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Hanstholm (including Hamborg and Vigsø)

Bunker - Museumscenter Hanstholm

  • film location: That's the bunker where Egon, Benny and Kjeld are recovered the treasure. The outlying bunker is the right one.
  • Also today you can rediscover a lot of locations:
  • The point where Egon stood in the bunker.
  • The military base with red hut and watchtower. The area stands under command of the lieutenant (played by Peter Steen).
  • The entry of the bunker, where the Olsen Gang is gone through with a small train. Today there is a museum train which also going through this bunker.

  • Address: Molevej 29, 7730 Hanstholm

    Lighthouse Hanstholm

  • film location: The lighthouse is repeatedly seen for a short time in the background.

  • Address: Tårnvej 23, 7730 Hanstholm

    Hotel Hanstholm

  • film location: There was the sleeping accommodation of Karin and Rico.

  • Address: Chr. Hansens Vej 2, 7730 Hanstholm


  • film location: Egon, Benny and Kjeld are gone in the street and wave to the inhabitants.

  • Address: Akelejevænget, 7730 Hanstholm


  • film location: Egon, Benny and Kjeld are run to the beach and the bunker. (but in reality there is only the valley, the bunker are in Vigsø)

  • Address: Baunvej (near Kællingdal), 7730 Hamborg (Hanstholm)

    Bunker Vigsø

  • film location: That's the bunker which Egon, Benny and Kjeld are found on the beach. In the film Egon dived through a tunnel to the bunker in the military base in Hanstholm, but in reality it is not possible.

  • Address: (beach, access across the street Redningsvejen), 7730 Vigsø (Hanstholm)

    Mads Madsen's house

  • film location: Here lived the scrap dealer Mads Madsen (played by Karl Stegger).

  • Address: Krægpøtvej, 7730 Vigsø (Hanstholm)

    Airport Thisted

  • film location: Here is landed the small plane with Rico. He is met by Karin, who's come with a Porsche car.

  • Address: Lufthavnsvej 10, 7730 Hanstholm

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