Film 3
Sparekassen Thy
"Olsen Gang´s Jutland"

Hanstholm / Vigsø

Thisted Kommune
Thisted Turistforening
KINO 1-2-3
Nordisk Film
Hotel Hanstholm

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Cinema - Kino 1-2-3

  • The third film will be shown in Danish and German:
    "Olsen-Banden i Jylland" (Danish)
    "Die Olsenbande fährt nach Jütland" (German (DEFA/GDR))
    ticket order at +45 97923399 or

  • Address: Håndværkertorv, 7700 Thisted

    Thisted Museum

    There will be an Olsen Gang exhibition:

  • newspaper articles from 1971
  • the Olsen Gang in general
  • fan products
  • maybe original costumes
  • and much more

  • Address: Jernbanegade 4, 7700 Thisted

    The Olsen Gang as a play in the marketplace (in German)

    The open air theater "Naturbühne Reichenau" will travel from Germany to the event. They will show the successful play "The Olsen Gang spin". Also the Jyllands Posten (biggest newspaper in Denmark) wrote about the theater. You can be curious about, when Egon, Benny and Kjeld will go on.

    Address: Store Torv (marketplace), 7700 Thisted

    Bookstore "Bog & idé"

    Morten Grunwald will sign his book „Kort tid - Blå mærker og gyldne øjeblikke!”.

    Address: Vestergade 14, 7700 Thisted

    Dampmøllen Thisted - Olsen-Gang-Party

    At the disco "Dampmøllen" will take place a Olsen-Gang-Party from 10th to 12th August 2006). View the program (PDF)

    Address: Østerbakken 11, 7700 Thisted

    Bank - Sparekassen Thy

  • film location: Egon is changing the money and will be apprehend.

  • Address: Store Torv 1, 7700 Thisted

    Confectioner - Krabbe's Konditori

  • film location: Benny, Kjeld, Yvonne and Børge are eating in the café.

  • Address: Storegade 4, 7700 Thisted

    Old townhall / tourist office

  • film location: The townhall is seen for a short time in the background, when the Olsen Gang is in the confectioner - Krabbe's Konditori.
  • There is also the tourist office, there are the information you need about the Olsen Gang Jutland Event.

  • Address: Store Torv 6 (Marktplatz), 7700 Thisted


  • film location: The church is seen for a short time in the background, when the Olsen Gang is in the confectioner - Krabbe's Konditori.

  • Address: Vestergade 10, 7700 Thisted

    There will be also something for the physical well-being in the marketplace ;-)

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